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Connect with a diverse community through mentoring and networking.

All of these opportunities are open to students and early career professionals unless otherwise specified.

* indicates GSA membership required to participate
† indicates an event that only occurs at GSA Section Meetings

Connect Online


Sign up for Mentoring365, a virtual mentoring program that facilitates an exchange of professional knowledge, expertise, skills, insights, and experiences through dialogue and collaborative learning. The program provides mentors and mentees with structured, relationship-building tools to develop and accomplish focused career goals.

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GSA Member Community*

GSA members can connect with one another online through GSA’s Member Community. Post questions and comments in the Open Forum, read up on resources posted by your peers, engage directly with colleagues in your Section, Division, or Committee, use the Roommates & Rides community to assist with accommodations and travel for GSA meetings, share and find opportunities in the Student Forum, and explore other ways to network.

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Explore Schools and Careers at GSA Meetings

Campus Connection

Save time and money by visiting with recruiters from several top geoscience schools all in one location.

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GeoCareers Day Program

Learn about a variety of careers, network with agency and industry representatives, and boost your skills for applying to jobs and internships.

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GeoCareers Corner

Visit this space for drop-in mentoring, résumé review, small-scale networking and mentoring events, presentations from professionals, and a place to post and view jobs.

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GeoCareers Workshops

Learn about topics like career planning, informational interviewing, career exploration, cover letters, résumés, and CVs.

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Get Mentoring at GSA Meetings

On To the Future Mentor

On To the Future participants can receive one-on-one mentoring. Mentors share their professional and personal experiences in the geosciences and introduce their mentee to their network or others in the field.

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Drop-in Mentoring

Meet one-on-one for 30 minutes with a mentor who will answer questions and provide academic and career advice.

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Résumé Clinic

Meet one-on-one for 30 minutes with a mentor who will review your résumé and provide career advice and guidance.

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Roy J. Shlemon Mentor Program in Applied Geoscience Program*

GSA student members are invited to attend an informal, lunchtime gathering with practicing geoscientists to learn about careers in applied geoscience.

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John Mann Mentors in Applied Hydrogeology Program*

GSA student members are invited to attend an informal, lunchtime gathering with practicing hydrogeologists to learn about careers in applied hydrogeology.

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Network at GSA Meetings

Networking Reception

Students and early career scientists can network with more than 40 geoscience professionals from a variety of employment sectors. Mentors will answer questions, offer advice about career plans, and discuss job opportunities within their fields.

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Early Career Professionals Coffee

Meet with representatives from non-profit organizations that have activities of interest to early career professionals. Network and share ideas about how these organizations can best serve the needs of early career professionals.

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Women in Geology Career Pathways Reception

Hear short presentations from women geoscientists who will discuss their career trajectories and issues they have faced throughout their career. A Q&A session follows in which attendees are encouraged to network and share ideas.

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Hydrogeology Division Careers and Networking Events

Get career advice from hydrogeologists in a variety of sectors, including government, industry, and academia. A roundtable mentoring session follows, providing time for individuals to network, share ideas, and discuss careers.

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